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About  Rich Vogel

I mostly photograph things that don't move, like landscapes, largely because my approach to photography is deliberate.  I enjoy taking the time to compose a shot, judge the lighting, and wait for the right moment, as time allows.

Making photographs of nature and landscapes takes me out of myself and helps me focus on what is around me.  I can stare at the landscape and not worry about whether it will object or what it thinks of me.  I stop being conscious of myself and become conscious of the world around me.

I love to walk in the woods north of Boston, near where I live.  The area is full of trails, ponds, streams and trees.  Walking in the woods provides a welcome escape from the hectic rush of the surrounding area, and I try to capture this sense of calm in my photographs.

I also enjoy making photographs of the American West, which I visit every year.  I try to capture what I like about the West: The big skies filled with clouds, for sure, but also the sense of solitude, the land almost untouched by man, the soft light of morning and the harsh light at midday.

I use mostly black and white film in medium and large format to take my time and capture detail and to concentrate on variations and balance of tone, contrast and composition.  I develop and print the negatives using traditional darkroom processes, partly to concentrate more on the images and tones, but mostly because I’m tired of sitting in front of a computer and enjoy the process, working with my hands.


Travel for work and the iPhone revived my interest in photography.  After a brief fling with digital photography, I fell in love with film and darkroom processes.  After retiring from a career in software, I take workshops and TA at the New England School of Photography, struggle in the darkroom, wander the woods north of Boston and travel under the big skies out West every summer.


I took a number of photography courses at Northern Essex Community College and Theia Studios in North Andover, Massachusetts starting in 2013, then attended darkroom workshops at the New England School of Photography beginning in the Fall of 2016.  I occasionally work as a teaching assistant there.

Exhibits include:

Camera USA® 2019  | Naples Art Association | Jurors Tracie Davis, Karen Irvine & Carol MCCusker | May – July 2019 | Depth of Field | Honorable Mention

"Artist of the Month", Andover Memorial Hall Library, Andover, MA | Jan. 2019 | Andover Project

Best of the Best | Camera Commons, Dover, NH | Nov. - Jan. 2018 | Fresh SnowDark WaterDepth of Field

Serenity | Honorable Mention | L.A. Photo Curator | Curator Wendi Schneider | Winter Arrives | May 2018

Don't Take Pictures | Photo of the Day | Kat Kiernan | Nov. 2017 | Dark Water

See my CV for more details.

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